…spring is born: fresh mornings, nature is coming to life. Life is beginning its new circle. Relish the taste of young sprouts of nature!

Summer grows ripe, the time of countless possibilities. Infinite energy of the sun, colourful fields, embrace of the river, smell of freshly mown grass, rest in a cool shadow…

Autumn matures. Shyly hiding its blushing cheeks, all exuberant with its fruits.

And then cold evenings approach stealthily, perhaps a good excuse for pleasant get-togethers.

We invite you to a sip of relaxed chatter, to a mouthful of pleasant homeliness!

We would be more than happy to prepare a special treat for you and your business partners, or wedding celebrations, or friendly afternoons, cultural events, tastings, banquets, and various representations. Our menu ideas are scooped from the kettle of the rich culinary heritage. Food ingredients are selected on our vegetable and herbal garden, or bought at a local farm.

We will talk to you and prepare the celebration of your choice.